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AfiFarm is the world’s most comprehensive management software for advanced dairy farming and herd management. S.A.E. AfiMilk's sensors gather real-time information. An extensive animal database is built and information is matched against it.  Exception reports provide the dairy farmer with decision making tools for both short term tactical and long term strategic decisions related to an entire herd and individual cows.

 The main features of the herd management module are:

  • Daily breeding reports and general fertility analysis.
  • Health monitoring.
  • Milking efficiency reports.
  • Automatic generation of veterinary check lists based on parameters.
  • Easy to report veterinary visit results, including diagnosis, drugs, treatment, schedules and recheck.
  • A cull planning model.
  • Herd size and milk production planning.
  • Easy to follow automated procedures such as OVSYNC treatment.
  • Advanced triggers for cow selection. Comprehensive reports, vet check and other purposes, based on the complete database including general (cow data) and operational (collected data) information.
  • “User formula” feature to build limitless cross-referenced data

AfiFarm™  is a complete software package, which, in future versions, will be able to support multiple herd databases, remote data entry and queries, portable data terminals, networking and other features.

AfiFarm™  is currently available in the following languages:

• Arabic                • Greek               • Portuguese
• Chinese            • Hebrew           • Romanian 
• Czech                • Hungarian       • Russian  
• Dutch                • Italian                • Slovak   
• English             • Japanese        • Spanish
• French              • Latvian              • Turkish
• German           • Polish                • Vietnamese

 AfiFarm™  will be translated into other languages as the need arises.


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