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S.A.E. Afikim's Pedometer is a small, yet durable device that combines two functions simultaneously: ID for every single cow in the herd and a steps counter that indicates the activity level of the cow.

Studies have proven, and over 2 Million tags in use worldwide have confirmed, the direct correlation between a cow's heat and an increase in its physical activity. The AfiMilk  Heat Detection Module is based on the increase of cow activity measured by the pedometer. By measuring this activity, the AfiMilk system pinpoints the optimal time for insemination, both simplifying and improving breeding management.

Our newest product,Pedometer Plus in addition to identifying cows and having all the traditional Afi Pedometer’s Heat Detection capabilities, measures rest time and rest bouts. The AfiFarm Herd Management software processes this data to give indications of behavioral changes expressing comfort/discomfort.

Feelings experienced by farm animals can be assessed by measuring their performance and bhaviour. A wide array of data is collected and measured through the afimilk sensors and then analyzed by the AfiFarm Herd Management software.

Measurements of impaired biological functioning, particularly those connected to decreased health and increased physiological stress responses, can provide good corroborating evidence that welfare is compromised.

Pedometer Afitag Pedometer Plus


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