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Heavy Duty Rotary Parlor

It is a heavy duty milking system designed for high performance, low maintenance and a long life. It is an external rotary wich provides a comfortable and consistent milking routine.

The PREMIUM-G provides a continuous cow flow, with smooth entry into angled stalls, easy udder access, milking comfort for relaxed cows, and easy exit. This results in optimum rotation speed for a maximum throughput. This highly efficient system processes maximum cows per hour per stall, for high volume milk harvesting. Platform sizes range from 32 to 80 stalls.

The Platform is durable and easy to keep clean. All the equipment is well protected under the platform.



  1. Angled stall allows more cows per hour.
  2. Outward sloping deck for cleaner platform.
  3. Low weight galvanized steel floor with laser cut to fit rubber mats.
  4. Rotary Gland , heavy duty center swivel is used to transfer milk, vacuum, electric power and data to and from the platform.
  5. Heavy Duty, strong, robust galvanized-SS Premium G bails.
  6. Internal heavy duty drive units for easy maintenance, service and protected from water.
  7. Individual stain steel boards for quick and easy equipment mounting under the platform.


Wide Open Access

  • Wide-open access for an
    easy and quick service
  • Specially designed to work
    with Afimilk system
  • Simply the best combination between
    resistance, elegance and functionality

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