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Vacuum Pumps

The Madero BP Vacuum pumps, are designed to offer the maximum quality in performance and reliability.

The Madero vacuum system has great advantages:

  • Is silent
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • High Eficiency
  • No Smoke emissions
  • Low oil Consumption
  • Vertical Mounting for
    space saving.






AIr flow capacities for BP Bluwers

* Sea level conditions.

Variable Speed Control

Capacities: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Hp/ 230-460 VAC

The variable speed control for vacuum pump, detect any change in the vacuum level through a sensor, the system changes the vacuum pump speed, allowing a better vacuum stability according to NMC standars.


  • It controlls vacuum system better than a conventional regulator.
  • Dramaticaly reduces the noise level.
  • Soft-start System, for large horsepower motors.
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Protects the electrical motors from:
      • Overcharge
      • Ground Fault
      • Phase loss
      • Monitors and show vacuum level
      • Extends the life of your blower.



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