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Working within the afimilk® management program the herdsman commences his daily routine selecting those animals in need of attention and downloads the information directly to Afi2GO. Using Afi2GO on his rounds in the animal pens, the farmer identifies those animals needing treatment, recording the information, as he proceeds, in the PDA. When the working session is over, the herdsman connects Afi2GO to the PC and downloads the data afimilk® management program.

The entire procedure is quick, carried out with the minimal number of key strokes and makes the entry of large amounts of data simple and convenient.

Software ordering process
1. Buy pocket PC
2. Download "Read UID (Unique Number)" freeware from afimilk® website:  Afi2GOReadUniqeID
3. Connect pocket PC to your computer and run "Read UID" (see "")
4. Send UID file with PO (purchase order) to SAE Afikim: afi2go@afimilk.co.il  
5. SAE Afikim will send "Afi2GO software installation disk"
6. Install Afi2GO software on pocket PC

If you encounter any problems, please contact us through our remote help desk.



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