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AfiAct can be used as part of a complete afimilk® system or as a stand-alone Heat Detection module for either cows or heifers. 

AfiAct detects heat by measuring the activity of the cow. This method is based on numerous studies and scientific research that showed  the evident correlation between  increases in activity and heat events.

  • Heat Detection for cows in pens and pasture farms
  • Complete fertility and herd management
  • The only tag in the world that monitors and can improve cow welfare
  • Optimize calving interval
  • Reduce the number of open days
  • Save labor and drug costs
  • Save on observation, pregnancy checks and hormones
  • Reduce involuntary culling due to breeding problems
  • Early detection of anestrus, abortion and cyclic disorders
  • History recording of early heats & previous lactation events
  • Fertility indexes, CR per bull and inseminator
  • Gives a 24 hours calving alert

See the sharp increase in the activity of the animal at day 63 of the lactation. The cow was not inseminated at that heat event because it was too early in the lactation. The next heat event occurred exactly 22 days later (day 85) and the cow was inseminated on that date. Note the stable activity line that follows that heat – no more heat periods afterwards. Indeed, that cow was checked and confirmed pregnant 45 days later. 




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