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The AfiMilk Milk meter is an integrated unit that combines individual cow's milk measurement with full control over milking parlor activities. It accurately measures both milk quantity and milk conductivity to control cows' performance and health. The AfiMilk Milk meter regulates the milking procedure at each point. Its electronic board controls automatic cluster removal according to milk flow rates as well as other outputs such as vacuum valve, pulsation, strip and parlor gates operation. Provided in various configurations, it is tailored to meet the requirements and needs of different milking parlors and routines.

AfiMilk milk meters are designed to fit in every parlor configuration without any changes to the existing parlor equipment, either in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with afimilk's  computerized system. As part of the AfiMilk computerized management system, the milk meter provides the required information for the system's "Health Reports". Furthermore, the milk meter's terminal acts as a fully integrated user interface to the system, thus displaying cow information, providing on line alerts for health problems, Colostrum and antibiotic milk and enables the milker to send messages to the dairy manager via the terminal's keyboard.

The new AfiLiteTmilk meters also measures:

  • Temperature - The level and stability of warm & hot wash cycles.
  • Electrical Conductivity - Correlates with the concentration of detergent/acid used for sanitation.
  • Time - The time period of wash cycles.

AfiMilk's"Wash Monitoring" is comprised of the advanced AfiLiteT milk meter with its built-in wash monitoring capabilities and an "AfiMilk Wash Monitoring" software module. With wash monitoring at every milking point, the new advanced module provides complete coverage of milking parlor wash, pinpointing wash failures at specific segments of the milking system.

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