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Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System, represents the final word in flooring for use on concrete floors.

The Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System's unique pebble-top design, manufactured using the highest quality 100% recycled rubber, provides excellent surface traction for all types of livestock wet or dry manure or not, snow and ice or not. The Interlock™ rubber mat is the definition of comfort and safety to your livestock.

The Interlock™ rubber mat adapts to any configuration or surface and can be installed virtually anywhere. Whether it's destined for a new or an upgraded facility, you will notice an immediate difference in the behaviour of your cows when they are on Interlock™ rubber mats. Cleaning Methods used can be alley scrapers, flush systems, manually hosing down the mats, scraping with a rubber tire scraper on either a skid steer or a tractor. You don't have to baby the flooring, just use common sense.

The affordability of the Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System is the easiest aspect to justify. To lose one cow, for example, due to flooring issues like lameness or splits, doesn't just mean the loss of that one cow. It also includes lost income due to lost milk production, loss of a calf she may be carrying, disruption to the rest of the herd when she's down, loss of time caring for her or removing her from the area, loss of milk quality due to an elevated SSC from bad feet, etc.

  • Non-slip surface that provides exceptional traction, wet or dry, for your livestock.
  • Provide adequate resiliency for proper cushioning of feet and legs.
  • Durable for a long and useful service life.
  • Robust and forgivin, nobody will clean or maintain their flooring as they should 24/7.
  • Unique design and top-quality 100% recycled rubber.
  • Specifically designed for traction.
  • Can be cut to various sizes ( custom fitting available)
  • Processed from the highest quality materials
  • Made to be durable and long lasting
  • Because of its density, these mats help to have an orthopedic effect, as they help to prevent joint deterioration and increase comfort in the animal's feet
  • Help increase the lifetime of the floor and reduce noise
  • Highly resistant to most of the substances used to kill disease-causing bacteria.

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