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Milking Units

Madero has two milking units of high capacity and excellent value in its components, which have marked the standard of quality milking units. The Madero 320 unit and type Barrel were designed for high milk flows; the body of the Madero 320 claw is made of stainless steel and its lid is polisulfone highly resistant to impact. The Barrel claw is stainless steel made and its clear windows allow excellent visibility

Includes: Claw (320 Madero or Barrel type), (4) Madero Liners, (4) 06 shell, (4) short tubes 9 1 / 2 "x 9/32".

Barrel Claw Type

CAPACITY : 328 cc.
WEIGHT : 675 grs.
MILK IN : 13mm OD x 9mm ID
MILK OUT: 22mm OD x 18mm ID
VACUUM IN: 8.9 ext x 6.8 int mm.
VACUUM OUT: 8.7 ext x 6.5 int mm.
HEIGHT:135 mm.
LENGTH:137 mm.
WIDTH: 100 mm.

Available for both Parallel
and Herringbone Parlors.

Madero Claw

CAPACITY: 320 cc
WEIGHT: 440 gms.
MILK IN: 13 ext x 9 int. mm.
MILK OUT: 22 ext x 18 int mm.
VACUUM IN: 8.9 ext x 6.8 int mm.
VACUUM OUT: 8.7 ext x 6.5 int mm.
HEIGHT: 135 mm.
LENGTH: 137 mm.
WIDTH 100 mm.


A: Total Long
B: Entry
C: Departure
D: Entry for empty
E: Thick Wall

06 Shell
Weight, 210 gms.
A:144 mm. B:39 mm.
C:26 mm. D:10 mm. E:1.5 mm.

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