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78" Fan Mega Flow

The cooling system on the stalls is an option to add comfort while in the beds area. Can also be used in Free Stalls. The cooling on the beds or stalls does not replace the effects or needs of cooling on the feeding area, as mentioned previously, is an option to add comfort to the animals.

Main Components

It is a low-flowt sprinkler, 0.5 lpm, which is fed by a main water line of 25mm. The microsprinkler objective is to incorporate a limited amount of humidity to the air stream generated by the fans with the purpose of increasing the comfort feeling in the pen, but without wetting the bed.

78" Fan, 3HP 230/460 VAC
It's a fan specially designed for Madero Dairy Systems, has a 3 HP electric motor, is mounted under the shade through a ceiling mount, is placed at a maximum distance of 60 ft. from each other.

Automatic Control
It is a fully programable controller with adjustable schedules and on / off times, thus avoiding unneccesary waste of energy and water. Air / water cycles are also adjustable.

An automatic curtain is also controlled by the smart control. Temperature and humidity are also monitored to determine when the system should operate based on the programmed schedule.

Water Kit
Includes: water pump, mounting brakets, pressure gauge, filters, valves and connections.

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