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The Leader in Commercial Dairy Farm Rotary Systems
  • Light weight and extremely heavy duty
  • Designed to work 24/7
  • Longest surface life

The most durable, cleanest and most silent heavy duty platform with the longest surface life in the market

  • The only all stainless steel platform
  • The cleanest milking
  • Silent operation
  • Heavy duty 24/7
  • The lightest platform
  • The longest surface life
  • Specially designed to work with precision dairy integration systems in mind
  • 15 years warranty on platform deck
  • Protected equipment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide-open access and quick service easy and quick service.
  • Specially designed to work with Afimilk
  • Simply the best combination between,
    Resistance, elegance and functionality
  • Heavy duty drive unit


New and improved cow friendly design
  • New bail design, Stainless Steel made, no plastic locks to replace or fix.
  • Stainless steel cluster
    washer built inside the bail
  • An excellent floor cleanness and unbeatable
    milking quality.
  • Our 20 years proven
    Rotary Gland

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